The people, and families we help are the reason we’re in business. Here are some of the great things they’ve said about us.

M was due to leave hospital on a section 117, prior to discharge we made contact with Your Lifestyle who were able to organise transitional support and housing.
— A Named Nurse

Your Lifestyle were able to demonstrate a cost effective fee structure, utilising our pricing tool.

— A Broker

My auntie has an unusual diagnosis. Your Lifestyle ensured all the staff received training in this complex area prior to working with her.
— A Relative

I only need support during the day, Your Lifestyle helped me organise my week. Staff now support me with every day appointments and doing lots of different enjoyable activities.
— A Service User

My key worker helps me choose my staff, and helped me with my new landlord, and move into my first new flat, it’s really cool!
— A Service User

I stay with Your Lifestyle during the summer holidays because it’s fun and I do lots of activities, it means my mum and dad can still go to work. I go back to my residential college in September.
— A Student

I live at the Red House, the staff are great and they are helping me to develop my skills around the house. I live with other people which I like, we go out a lot, I have sky TV in my room and I will soon be moving into my own flat. — A Service User

We were finding our sons behavior very difficult to manage at home. Your Lifestyle’s clinical team assessed our son, recommended a support plan. Now his behavior is much better. The consultant psychiatrist also reviewed and changed his medication. He now stays at Your Lifestyle for the odd evening or weekend so that we can go out and enjoy ourselves.
— A Parent


DW ’s placement had broken down and he needed to move house at short notice. DW couldn’t find the right place to live or the right staff. Your Lifestyle offered DW a tenancy that day, this gave him plenty of time to look at all his options. 3 months later after a good transition, DW found what he was looking for.
— A Care Manager